Friday, May 6, 2011

Poem "Mother" by Dr Syed Imrana Nashtar Khairabadi

(Dedicated to mother Syeda Sarfaraz Fatima Nashtar Khairabadi )
Dr.Syeda Imrana Nashtar Khairabadi
Atlanta Georgia USA
My mother
She is an aroma
That permeates all my senses
She is a vision
That assumes all shapes
She is a melody
That soothes me forever
She is a spring
That flows eternally
I fondly remember her melodies
And many acts of kindness
Through health and sickness
She was there
Through joy and sorrow
She was there
Many a time she mended my broken heart
Many a time she corrected my flawed thoghts
Many a time she pulled me from the abyss of life
And encouraged me to scale the heights
As a baby I found refuge in her lap
As a toddler I walked with her finger
As a young woman I found the compass of life from her
In the twilight of her life
Fuelled by fond memories
   I served her
And in that service found joy
That surpassed any Paradise
Oh mother!  that golden days are gone
You are no more with us
Your memories make us sad
Your sweet smile,your loving guide
Always give us strength
Brighten our days
 Lighten our ways
You are always in our prayers.

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