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Dr Shahzad Rizvi: A great writer of East and West : by Dr Syeda Imrana Nashtar Khairabadi

Dr Shahzad Rizvi, an Indian born but now aUScitizen, has emerged like a bright sun on the horizon of English Literature,with the shining rays of fine qualities. He belongs to the renowned scholarly family of Hazrat Allama Fazle Haq Khairabadi of  which boasts several poets, writers and scholars of  Urdu,  Hindi, English, Persian and Arabic.
Dr Rizvi is a handsome man of good personality, strong character ,and fine habits. His great qualities include humility, intelligence, gentleness  sympathy, kindness, reliability  ,nobility, and learning. He is self-made person of dedication, competence, diligence, hard work, and great understanding .He shines  in  his roles  as son ,brother and  husband. He currently lives inWashington,D.C.with his lovely and loving wife and daughter .A loving attitude  among family members is a little thing but makes a big difference. That is why his  home gives a foretaste ofParadise.
 Dr Shahzad Rizvi is a strong poet in the English language. He has equal command of thought and expression, language and literature, art    and style. His poetry is full of spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings, sentiments, emotions, thoughts, and passion and adorned by perfect  qualities of language. His beautiful poem “She and I” depicts the domestic situation of a husband and wife living under the same roof  but with a faulty emotional connection.
Dr Rizvi is an excellent fiction writer in English. He is the author of several books. His recent book, “The Last Resident,” is the love story of a British diplomat Nigel Hadley and an Indian Princess  Mehrun Nisa. The novel depicts the meeting of Eastern and Western heritage and culture. The story goes back to Indian history beforeIndependence. The plot, characters, events, setting, location, conflict, climax and resolution are remarkable. The very important message of this novel lies in its portrayal of persons of all religions-Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Jews–living and working in mutual harmony and respect. This novel gives an eye to understanding the essence of all religions, and  in this way promotes global peace. Today the world is encircled with severe problems: terrorism ,turmoil, hatred, doubt,  rage and cruelty. “The Last Resident” suggests a hopeful solution to these problems. The beautiful novel  binds all of mankind with the silky thread of love. Love is supreme. It doesn’t see the boundaries of caste , creed ,nation ,or religion.
 The novel “The Last Resident” is set in the beautiful city ofBhopal, the heart of Madhya Pradesh, which is aPrincelyStateofIndia.Bhopal, the city of  attractive lakes, is famous for its fascinating royal history and culture. The book is cinematic, and would
readily lend itself  to a film version. Whether in Bollywood orHollywood, this love story would be bound to succeed, with its handsome hero ,beautiful princess and  other royal  characters, its sweeping  historical  and cultural  perspective, its enchanting  plot, its literary excellence ,and  its enobling theme. No doubt, the film based on this novel will be a big commercial success.
In addition to ‘The Last Resident”discussed above, Dr Rizvi’s works include:
1.”Behind the Veil”
The saga of spirited Rashida, determined to marry an author whose work she admires but whom she has never met. She and her family must cope with the cascade of misfortunes that befall them, as a result of her stubborn romantic idealism.
A Finnish woman with an alcoholic father and an unfaithful husband tries to find happiness with an Indian boyfriend, but must contend with the scars that life has given her and her own internal conflicts.
3.”A Window in the Wall”
Short stories, some set in and others in the West. The title story tells of young civil  servant in love with  his beautiful  neighbour, who, it seems , is a ghost.
4.”The Boy who Flew”
Imaginative stories of  for Children. Illustrated by Laurie McLaughlin ward.
 5.”Scattered Petals”
Selected poems depict the poet’s journey, from missed connections, heartache,  and false starts,to true and lasting love.
 More information is available at Dr. Rizvi’s Website
 Dr. Shahzad Rizvi, as well as being an outstanding writer, is also an insightful translator of poetry. His translation of Muslim Saleem’s ghazals shows his masterful command of both Urdu and English. These translations have two remarkable qualities : they keep the beauty of the ghazals intact in translations, and they will also enable people around the world ,who do not know Urdu language, to enjoy the harmony of the haunting ghazals of   Muslim
 Dr.Rizvi, in addition to English and Urdu, has  a good command of several other languages of East
and West. His efforts are great. His endeavours are appreciable. May Allah (SWT) give him a healthy, happy, and long life with his family. And brighten and lighten his path in the journey of life. Amin.

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